Fox Run Stone
       of Briddle Creek

Fox Run Stone's Show Record

2000 JRTCA Nationals, Best 4-6 month Dog Pup
2001 JRTCA Nationals, Reserve Open Terrier
2001 Midlands Trial, Reserve Open terrier-Roma Garon
2001 Mason Dixon, Best Open Terrier-Greg Mousley
2001 Finger Lakes, Reserve Best Dog-Kevin Allen
2001 Northgate, Best Open Terrier-Linda Cowasjee
2002 Long Island, Reserve Best Dog-Linda Cowasjee
2002 Cumberland, Reserve Best Open Terrier-Barrie Wade
2002 Canadian Nationals, Reserve Best Dog-David Jones
2003 Hunt Country Classic, Best Open Dog-Dean Kemmish
2003 Brocksett, Best Open Terrier Champion -Mick Kemmish
2006 River City, Reserve Open Terrier Champion- Barrie Wade
2006 VA Independence Celebration, Res. Best Open Dog- Barrie Wade
2006 JRTCA Nationals, 6th place out of 18 entries, Stud Dog and Get
2007 Res Best Family Sunshine State I, FL -John Broadhurst, judge
2007 Best Family Sunshine State II, FL - Joe Smith, judge
2007 Best Family TN Terrier Show I- John Broadhurst, judge
2007 Best Family TN Terrier Show II- Ted Harris, judge

Kenswick Cannon x  Fox Run Sly
13" White- Broken- Coat
Baer Normal & Current Cerf  11/07 
Co-owned with Lea Boa of Ontario Canada

PLL DNA Normal
Off Spring

    Stone is without a doubt the sweetest, most loving stud dog I have ever had the pleasure knowing. He greets everyone with a warm hello, and when you look into his eyes you see a benevolent spirit. At six years old he remains very flexible and narrow. He passes on his beautiful head and dense harsh coat to his off- spring, but most of all, that wonderful disposition. Stone has worked groundhog, raccoon, and opossum with the heart and attitude that I like to see in a terrier. He has proven himself as a sire, a working terrier and in the ring.  Stone is available to approved bitches for stud service.