Rushill Rio
      of Briddle Creek
Martyn Hulme breeder
Alf of Rushill x Rushill Dolly
12 1/4" tan/white smooth
NHC to groundhog
BAER Normal   CERF Clear 11-05
Numerous Championships
2000 JRTCA Nationals class winner
Smooth Under Working Dogs

Rio has proven himself in the field, show ring, and as a sire. He passes on his wonderful disposition and his keen working abilities to his offspring.

In Loving Memory
It is with great sadness that we have to announce the passing of Rushill Rio.
On February 9, 2006 we made the humane decision to end Rio 's journey due to advanced stages of prostate cancer.

Not only did the breed lose an outstanding sire but we lost a great terrier with a huge heart and a great mind, with eyes so huge you could see his heart.

In work mode, he wasn't a dog you'd forget. He always gave a hundred percent and would never knowingly let you down. Rio taught me more about how to hunt and work than any terrier I've ever owned.  I've never become so attached to a terrier as I was to him - only because he did such a good job of convincing me that he had chosen me as his personal favorite.

ďA great dog and a good friend, I'll miss him."

  Phil Johnson

Rio's OffSpring
PLL  DNA  Normal
Briddle Creek Reid PLL- DNA- Normal
NHC to Ground Hog
Briddle Creek BritchesPLL- DNA- Normal
NHC to Ground Hog
Briddle Creek Rudder
PLL- DNA- Normal
NHC to Raccoon