Noble Knights
Imported from Germany
Larkswood Oliver (Billbridge Weed x Larkswood Teasel) and
Billbridge Amber ( Foxnorton Whinger x Billbridge Junkit)

Tri color - Lightly Broken - 11.75" - DOB - January 21, 07

PLL DNA Normal

Galloway arrived to the US in April, 07 from the Noble Knights Kennel in Germany.
His sire, Larkswood Oliver of Foxnorton, a son of Billbridge Weed, was imported to Germany by Brian Male of Great Britain. He was owned by Bridget Sayner & Brian Male while in GB, and shown successfully by both. He has numerous championship wins and is a proven producer, with many progeny still being shown at GB shows. His dam, Billbridge Amber, a daughter of Foxnorton Whinger, is from Bridget Sayner's kennel in Great Britain. Her pedigree reflects Bridget's years of dedication to breeding quality terriers that have impacted the terrier world.

Gally is sporting the perfect terrier jacket, being lightly broken, extremely dense and harsh. His movement is effortless, exuding an aire of confidence. He has tremendous bone, a beautiful head and eye and still only measures 11.75 at one year.

His blood lines compliment our pedigrees. Rushill Rio's mother was a Billbridge Weed daughter, and our Jinx Jones is a daughter of Billbridge Jinx, a litter mate to Weed. His progeny, crossed back on Fox Run Stone's off-spring, will allow us to continue with the goals we set years ago with Rushill Rio.

Contrary to some breeders beliefs, I feel the need to continue to add some of the oldest available ancestors, of good working lines, to my pedigrees. The concentrated working gene of a prolific stud dog such as Weed, plays a significant role in preserving the working ability of the Working Jack Russell Terrier.

We look forward to getting this young male introduced to the show ring and hunt field in the coming months.