Briddle Creek Terriers
About Us

Jack Russellís have been apart of the Johnson household since 1983. We became aware of this tenacious little dog while attending quarter horse shows around the country. We werenít sure of the purpose of this annoying little white dog other than they jumped in the truck every time the door was left open. Before long we were captured by their intelligent wit and got our first horse show mascot, things have never been the same since. Soon afterwards we added what we thought would be a play mate but turned out to be a partner in crime. We were quite happy with our devilish pair of rat hunters and stayed busy with horses, family and life.

In 1987 I had a horse related accident limiting my horse showing. It was during my recovery that I began to appreciate the true dedication of my terriers. I began researching and studying the history of this little dog that had come into our lives. This spurred me to add a Jack Russell that conformed to the breed standard. of the JRTCA, shortly there after we began working, showing and breeding Jack Russell Terriers.

We have traveled to England & Wales on numerous occasions, visiting and hunting with the well known terrier men/women, David & Susan Jones, Martyn & Liz Hulme, Greg Mousley, Bob Clough, Kevin Allen and Joe Smith. During our visits we have added some of the best foundation working bloodlines of the UK to our kennel.

Our goals at Briddle Creek are to breed a working terrier that conforms to the breed standard of the JRTCA, with special emphasis on temperament. Before breeding, our terriers must have been worked to various quarry and have current CERF and BAER tests. We also require the same of any outside bitches we may breed. Occasionally we have puppies available, so check back frequently for pictures and updates on Briddle Creek Terriers at home, in the field and the show ring.