Briddle Creek



Briddle Creek Working Terriers

~ 2003 News ~

         We have been busy with our new puppies from Briddle Creek Reid and Little Eden Strut. See pictures of Stride, Sarah and Sage on our puppy page. Rudder also has a new picture and is featured on our Stud page (introducing for 2004).

Happy Holidays! and I hope you all have Peace and Joy. Our daughter Lisa, will be home from the military so our holidays with be filled with laughter and happiness.

Magnolia Classic I
Briddle Creek Rudder Reserve Dog Puppy
Briddle Creek Pride Won her class
Briddle Creek Vegas Won her class

Magnolia Classic II
Briddle Creek Rudder Best Dog Puppy & Reserve Puppy Champion
Briddle Creek Pride Reserve Bitch Puppy
Briddle Creek Ringer (owned by Byron and Valerie Burgess) Won her class

JRTCA Nationals, Rio’s off spring continue to make him proud!

Briddle Creek Rudder class winner, smooth 6-9 month, Briddle Creek Scrimmage class winner, smooth under bitches, owned by Linda Hosmer. Retro owned by Kathy Standard placed 3rd in his working class. Briddle Creek Encore placed 6th in a class of 52, under bitches and Fox Creek Rant placed 2nd in his working class, both owned by Shirley Davis. Congratulations!

We attended the Kentuckiana JRT Trial and had a wonderful time.
Briddle Creek Rudder Reserve 4-6 month Puppy
Briddle Creek Pride Puppy Champion
Briddle Creek Vegas Won her class

A BIG Congratulations to Fox Creek Rant (Rushill Rio x Fox Creek Roo) owned by Shirley Davis and Retro of Fox Creeper (Rushill Rio x Fox Creeper Margaret) owned by Kathy Standard, on your recent Natural Hunting Certificates.

Piney Woods
Briddle Creek Reid Reserve Working Terrier Bitch
Briddle Creek Vegas Open Terrier Champion
Briddle Creek Encore Reserve Open Terrier Champion
Fox Creek Rant Working Champion - owned by Shirley Davis
Briddle Creek Pride (The Hollow York x Briddle Creek Britches) Best 4 - 6 month puppy.
Briddle Creek Scrimmage (Rio x Briddle Creek Dixie) Owned by Linda Hosmer won class.

Fox Cry 1 & 2
Rio's offspring "WIN BIG"
Fox Creek Rant Working Champion Sat. - Won his class on Sun., owned by Shirley Davis
Briddle Creek Reid Reserve Working Terrier Sat.
Briddle Creek Scrimmage Open Terrier Champion Sat. & Sun., owned by Linda Hosmer
Briddle Creek Ritz - Best 4 - 6 Month Puppy Sat., owned by Lynn Vaughan

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